Rhea Peake is a designer, property stager, faux finisher and feng shui consultant based in Santa Barbara, California and Hawaii and consulting internationally. Learn more about Rhea

Interior design

Transform your home and office space to inspire your life and work. Rhea’s interior design turns residences and offices into palaces and powerhouses by bringing out the best in everyone who inhabits.


Real-estate property staging

Stage real estate so buyers can see themselves in it. Property staging produces top dollar offers that exceed your expectations. Optimize the potential of your space for minimum expenditure and maximum results. I will turn your for-sale property into a sold one.


Faux finish & mural painting

Colorize and texture your space with beauty and atmosphere. Faux finish painting transforms dull white empty spaces into luxurious textured atmospheres. Rhea paints magnificent colorful finishes that tie a space together, unifying the architecture, scenery, furniture, walls and decor perfectly.


Western feng shui consulting

Enviromancy Feng Shui is an approach to environmental psychology based on modernizing ancient Chinese traditions. Feng Shui means “the flow of wind and water”, and at its essence it is about how human beings flow through our natural environment. Enviromancy Feng Shui consultations involve a combination of psychological counseling and interior design methodology.